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Management Development

Too often technical professionals are rewarded for a job well done by being promoted to management and subsequently are ill-prepared for the transition and responsibilities. These programs provide participants with the skills and tools needed to become successful managers.

Team Effectiveness

Peter Drucker says it well. "Increasing effectiveness may well be the only area where we can hope to significantly raise the level of performance, achievement and satisfaction." This area can often be the most challenging with four generations in the workforce, diverse cultures, and virtual teams. Our highly interactive workshops develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes which underpin personal success and drive results-oriented teams.

Interpersonal Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. In business, being clear and being understood in all communication is essential for a productive working environment. Communication skills need to be developed on an ongoing basis: especially in a turbulent economic climate. Our highly interactive workshops promote effective internal and external communication by applying practical techniques and strategies.

Project Management

In these economically challenged times, companies are constantly responding to changing project scope and customer requirements while needing to streamline projects more efficiently and effectively with limited resources. Our series of project management courses provide the skills and tools needed to produce more effective results through improved accountability, reliability and consistency. Courses range from basic project management to advanced classes to ensure a common language for project success. The advanced workshops focus on improved techniques for defining, planning, and controlling large, complex projects.

Sales and Customer Service

For sales and technical support professionals building rapport and credibility, while advancing innovative solutions in the most powerful and persuasive light, are crucial. Our intensive skill-building workshops focus on: consultative selling, delivering strong presentations, facilitating customer-facing meetings, and managing customer expectations.

IT Leadership

IT is in the midst of a significant paradigm shift, evolving from merely supporting the technological needs of an enterprise to potentially driving revenue through innovative business processes. However, not all IT organizations are prepared to make this shift, which creates a critical challenge for IT leaders. IT executives - from CIOs to individual team leaders - must create organizations that prioritize services to business customers while driving innovation in an environment of rapidly evolving technology. To address these challenges, our courses help IT organizations build deep and broad leadership teams through training programs, many of which are designed specifically for IT.

Presentation Skills

The most persuasive speakers deliver their ideas clearly, demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm, and handle objections with poise. Our suite of Presentation Skills programs will take you from being a reticent novice to confident and proficient presenter.

Negotiation Skills

Learn to settle differences through compromise, while avoiding argument and dispute, and achieve the best possible outcome for your position.

Business Writing

A lack of clear writing skills is a greater and greater handicap with every passing year. Investing some time to improve your writing can result in a marked improvement in your communication and promotional prospects.

Business Skills

You’re technically savvy - now learn the business skills to work effectively with others and get ahead in your career.