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Breakthrough Project Management

Course Length: 2 days

Audience: All employees that work on small or large projects.


The Problem:  Missed deadlines, budget overruns, adding just one little thing, too many distractions, lack of a clear project scope, spec creep, constant change in motion, priority shifting, the "waiting game," managing without line authority and lack of accountability and ownership.

The Solution: This workshop provides participants a common methodology, terminology and tools that produce more efficient results and increase buy-in through improved visibility, reliability and consistency.

The Goal: To use real data - not just opinions - in your interactions with project sponsors and customers, to negotiate and set expectations for achievable results.

Course Objectives

  • Establish a common language and practice that can address the ten most common project barriers
  • Discover what participants may be doing, or failing to do, that keeps these barriers locked in place
  • Apply these practices in the planning of a live project so participants can identify specific opportunities for immediate application
  • Minimize firefighting.

Key Topics

Day One

  • Identifying the Project Barriers and Breakdowns
  • The Project Game - Self-Assessment and Discoveries
  • Team Development, Selection and Leadership
  • Define the Goal - A Step-by-Step Team Process
  • Define the Project Objective Statement (POS)
  • Use the Trade-off Matrix

Day Two

  • Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Link Tasks Using Dependency Diagram and Critical Path
  • Optimize Plan Checklist
  • Surface Assumptions and Anticipate Areas of Risk
  • Generate Contingency Plan
  • Manage the Project: Step-by-Step
  • Minimize Firefighting


The simulations and group activities provoked deep thought and exposed gaps in understanding/expectations/etc. Great class! Xilinx, Bus. Systems Analyst
Applying to actual projects made good use of our time and showed us this work with real world examples. Complete Genomics, Mgr. Assembly


 Barry Flicker

BARRY FLICKER, author of Working at Warp Speed, is an internationally known expert on developing high performance organizations through leadership, project management, team building, communication and negotiating skills. He helps organizations resolve conflict, optimize change and produce quality results by discovering their most efficient blend of technical and behavioral assets.

Barry brings over 20 years of management experience in the computer industry to the design and delivery of corporate training programs. The elements of creativity, inspiration and non-linear problem solving reflect his years of experience in management.

This expertise, blended with his skills as a performing artist in the fields of magic, acting and standup comedy, presents a refreshing approach to training. Participants consistently rate his programs "excellent and entertaining!"

Sep 20 - 21
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Above and Beyond Conference Room
303 Ravendale Drive
Mountain View, CA

Mountain View, CA


Onsite Delivery

For more information about having a course delivered at your site and tailored to meet your organization's specific objectives.

Contact: info@effectivetraining.com