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5 Habits of Intentional Leadership

Course Length: 2 days (1-day Public session)

In this workshop, you will learn to identify your own leadership strengths as well as areas of improvement; search for opportunities to take the risks needed for growth; create ownership with others about the future; build collaboration, teamwork and trust; strengthen the ability in others to outperform; communicate your core leadership values; and apply the "5 Habits of Intentional Leadership." Participants will take an "Intentional Leadership" survey based on the 5 habits and will leave with personalized action plans based on the day's learnings.

This course is highly interactive, with individual and group exercises to keep the pace lively and reinforce learning. The 2-day version allows for a deeper exploration of each of the topics and more opportunities for interaction.

Key Topics

The Journey Metaphor - Leadership as a Journey vs. a Trip

Great Leaders - What makes them great?

Leadership vs. Management

  • Management definition and role in organization
  • Leadership definition and role in organization
  • Differences:
    • Managers - plan, organize, staff, direct, control
    • Leaders - challenge, inspire, enable, model, encourage

Why is Leadership Important, Especially Now?

  • Critical times of radical change, chaotic markets and relentless pressure
  • Leadership is tough - increased competition, globalization, off-shoring
  • Creating an inspiring story of leadership

5 Habits of Leadership Excellence explained

    • Habit 1: Intentional Leaders step forward and challenge the status quo.
    • Habit 2: Intentional Leaders have the ability to look over the horizon of time into the future.
    • Habit 3: Intentional Leaders produce a sense of ownership.
    • Habit 4: Intentional Leaders walk the talk.
    • Habit 5: Intentional Leaders recognize and reward people's efforts.


Identify Your Values (values cards exercises)

How to Align Your Actions with Your Values

Personalized Action Plans


I would recommend this course to colleagues at positions of increased responsibility and with management aspirations. Synopsys, Inc., Product Marketing Mgr.
Extremely effective classs to understand yourself in both strength and weakness, and then see how to improve. St. Jude Medical, Clinical Systems Engineer
This course helped me see the need to focus on core values, vision statement, strategy and long term plans. I would highly recommend this course to all managers, since not all managers are good leaders. Cupertino-based Technology Company, Program Mgr.

Onsite Delivery

For more information about having a course delivered at your site and tailored to meet your organization's specific objectives.

Contact: info@effectivetraining.com