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Collaborative Negotiating

Course Length: 1 day
Overview In this workshop, you will learn how to apply techniques from the Harvard Negotiation Project, which shift negotiations from win-lose to win-win strategies and enable both parties to come away from the table with more than either had hoped. Through a series of classroom negotiations, you will discover practical approaches for countering the tactics of the “hard” negotiator that will keep negotiations from slipping into power-based conflicts. You will learn a systematic, four-stage process that identifies interests, options, alternatives and credible criteria to increase both your negotiating skill and confidence.

Defining the boundary conditions, applying the three levels of listening and anchoring a negotiation within the zone of agreement are the essential skills needed to reach a mutually satisfying agreement.

Key Topics

  • Identifying collaborative versus aggressive styles
  • Using the collaborative negotiating model
  • Handle the "hard" negotiator
  • Create options from interests
  • Evaluate priority problems
  • Use the impact of objective criteria
  • Use approaches to the zero-sum game
  • Explore trust, threats and competition
  • Understand the bargaining zone
  • Avoid making common mistakes
  • Make and implement agreements


Class exercises were great opportunities to implement instruction. Carl Zeiss Meditec, Sr. Mgr.
Beneficial to know, understand, and respond from both viewpoints. Brocade, Digital Marketing


 Barry Flicker

BARRY FLICKER, author of Working at Warp Speed, is an internationally known expert on developing high performance organizations through leadership, project management, team building, communication and negotiating skills. He helps organizations resolve conflict, optimize change and produce quality results by discovering their most efficient blend of technical and behavioral assets.

Barry brings over 20 years of management experience in the computer industry to the design and delivery of corporate training programs. The elements of creativity, inspiration and non-linear problem solving reflect his years of experience in management.

This expertise, blended with his skills as a performing artist in the fields of magic, acting and standup comedy, presents a refreshing approach to training. Participants consistently rate his programs "excellent and entertaining!"

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