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Effective Technical Presentations

Course Length: 2 days

Effective Technical Presentations is a skill-building workshop for professionals who make formal or informal presentations, particularly delivering complex data. The ability to present information and ideas effectively is a critical success factor in business. The challenge becomes more difficult when one must present highly technical information to diverse audiences with varying knowledge levels and technical expertise.

This workshop will create positive behavioral change and increase critical awareness of four key areas relevant to delivering successful and engaging technical presentations.

A class maximum of 12 participants allows each participant to be video recorded six to eight times and take home their own secure digital (SD) card.

Key Topics

Content Clarity and Impact
  • Communicate information versus dry facts and data
  • Balance amount of content with allotted time frame
  • Prioritize important points and data for emphasis
  • Persuade without selling
  • Ensure clarity and memorability of key information
  • Understand and apply effective PowerPoint guidelines

  • Listener Adaptability
  • Use listener analysis tools to set correct levels of detail
  • Adjust your detail and technical levels for various listeners
  • Clarify critical listener-focused, take-away points
  • Minimize extraneous information
  • Apply viewer-appropriate visual support strategy

  • Interaction Management
  • Handle difficult questions and challenges
  • Generate listener involvement
  • Stay on track and reinforce key messages

  • Command of Behavioral Skills
  • Project and inspire confidence and conviction
  • Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies
  • Manage nervousness

  • Instructor

     Peter Rosselli

    PETER ROSSELLI has been a speaker, consultant, trainer and course designer in the areas of presentation skills and interpersonal communication for over 20 years. As a program manager for Decker Communications, a recognized leader in the Communications Consulting industry, Peter designed curricula and trained a staff of thirty-five consultants to deliver training programs internationally.

    He has spent several years designing and conducting programs in Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Cultural Diversity and Customer Service. He has consulted for many companies including Apple, Lab126/Amazon, AT&T, Yahoo!, EMC Software, Medtronic, TIBCO Software, Cypress Semiconductor, SAP, HP, NetApp, Lattice Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated Products, Bank of America, National Semiconductor, Kaiser Permanente and Intel.

    Peter has associate instructors in Boston, New York, London and Milan

    Onsite Delivery

    For more information about having a course delivered at your site and tailored to meet your organization's specific objectives.

    Contact: info@effectivetraining.com