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Getting Things Done Through Influence

Course Length: 1 day

Right-sizing and restructuring organizations have put a new emphasis on lateral communication and inter-departmental cooperation. Organizations are flatter and no longer command-and-control. People now have to influence others who have different priorities, goals, perspectives and work styles.

This workshop introduces you to strategies for influencing people who do not report to you, but whose mutual assistance and support are critical to accomplishing workplace goals --to the benefit of you, your colleagues and your organization.

Anyone whose success depends on being able to influence people, in other departments and divisions, over whom you have no formal authority.

  • Apply new strategies for creating results with people within or outside your direct control
  • Obtain "mind share" from people who have other priorities.
  • Develop techniques for reaching people who are currently perceived as "impossible to deal with."
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your “operating style" for solving issues with others.
  • Demonstrate “operating style” flexibility to get a better hearing.
  • Explore alternative ways to describe projects and proposals.
  • Explore four influencing techniques to increase collaboration across organizational boundaries.
  • Employ practical techniques for making clear, concise requests.
  • Key Topics

    • Influence Skills - Power to Get Your Work Done
    • Understand Barriers to Influencing Others
    • The “Hollow Square” Experiment
    • Deal with “Push Back” – the Creation Cycle
    • Lack of Trust or Alignment?
    • Practice 3 Strategies to Building Influence and Collaboration
    • Know your “Operating Style” Strengths and Weakness
    • Adjust your Style to Communicate More Effectively
    • Use S-T-P Formula to Influence Action
    • Learn to Apply the 4 Key Influence Techniques
      •          -  Currency Exchange Analysis
                 -  Effective Requests
                 -  Trial Balloons
                 -  Appropriate Medium
      • Reach mutually satisfying collaborative agreements.



      I wish the course was longer - great material, smart use of a day! Cupertino-based Technology Company, Engineering Project Mgr.
      Very informative and useful in day-to-day situations. Elan Pharmaceuticals, Mgr. Security & Employee Training
      Great Tools to ensure success on the job. Keurig Inc., Project Manager


       Jim Kennedy

      JIM KENNEDY is one of the most well-known and respected training and development resources for a wide variety of industries including high-tech, financial, health care, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and insurance. Jim has posted a long list of professional achievements in helping clients solve business problems with his combined expertise in training and organizational development.

      He has also authored numerous training programs and customized organizational development interventions. He is an expert in productivity and quality improvement programs, as well as structured group problem solving processes. Jim is also a top-level facilitator and trainer on topics including team building and skills development for managing, sales negotiating and interviewing. He has broad and successful international experience, with numerous implementations, throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada.

      Jim holds a B.A in Behavioral Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.B.A. in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.

       Mary Grace Glasier

      MARY GRACE GLASIER is a published author and a highly energetic, motivating, and inspiring speaker and professional trainer who specializes in the fields of communication and personal effectiveness. During her career in sales, marketing, and training, she has developed curriculum in the areas of business writing, interpersonal communication, conflict management, customer service, and sales. Her classrooms are living laboratories of how people can work together productively, and presented in an animated and interactive (and fun!) style. She has experience in the high tech, engineering, and scientific fields and works well with a wide array of audiences.

      Mary Grace has a proven track record in management. She is known for motivating and elevating productivity of personnel at all organizational levels. She has managed teams of 10 to 20 people for the last ten years and groups of 75 to 125 people. Mary Grace coaches, mentors, and trains people to attain higher levels of productivity, confidence, and satisfaction. She has recruited, hired, and developed managers to grow their teams and produce unprecedented results.

       Pam Jaeger

      PAM JAEGER has over 20 years' experience in executive coaching and leadership development, organizational development initiatives, team building, and global business conference design and facilitation. She partners with clients to promote personal and team development in alignment with dynamic business goals. Her services include assessment interviews and focus groups, program and meeting design, training, coaching and facilitation activities.

      Ms. Jaeger has an MA in Education from Boston University, BA in Psychology from Wheaton College, and is certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Profilor (external 360 feedback instrument), and The PaperRoom System (internal 360 feedback system).

       Howard  Miller

      HOWARD MILLER, a detail, results-oriented individual with outstanding presentation and communication skills, teaches management skills to new managers, seasoned managers, entrepreneurs and executives. He uses his skills as a trainer, facilitator, and executive/management/business coach to help his clients utilize their internal behaviors and styles to maximize communication and productivity skills. This results in a clearer vision and mission, specific and measurable goals and actions, and more strategies to ensure financial, professional and personal success!

      Howard has a Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, from the State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY, a Certificate in Training and Human Resource Development from University of California, Berkeley, and graduated from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in San Rafael, California.

       Jill Podolsky

      JILL PODOLSKY has applied her 20+ years of experience in Human Resources at a variety of large and mid-size high tech companies, including Apple Computer, Merix Corporation, Applied Materials, NEC Electronics and Extreme Networks. She has proven success in the areas of leadership and organization development, with emphasis on designing programs to align employees with the needs of the company’s internal and external customers.

      She has created and implemented innovative training programs as well as designed and facilitated customer workshops for leadership teams and managers to align goals and objectives within organizations. She has implemented tools and processes for assessing team talent and skills and has facilitated assimilation and orientations programs to quickly integrate new employees into organizations. She has coached leaders at all levels of the organization in dealing with employee issues and professional development. She is qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as well as the DiSC assessment.

      Jill holds a BS degree in Secondary Education from the University of Minnesota and has completed the HR Executive Strategy program at the University of Michigan.

       Linda Price

      LINDA PRICE is an internationally known trainer who works with technology-driven companies in the areas of management development, communication, conflict management using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, customer service, and team building. Her 30 years of professional experience in high-tech companies include: Executive Coaching, Sales Training Manager, and HR Director. Since 2001, Linda has conducted programs for the IEEE Engineering Management Society, Silicon Valley Chapter.

      Ms. Price lectures at universities in business management, human resources, organizational behavior, and communication. Linda hosted a television talk show on business, special interest, and social awareness issues.

      Linda holds a master's degree in Management Development.

       Patricia Seabright

      PATRICIA SEABRIGHT is an expert on interpersonal communication skills and process. She has developed and delivered training programs in the areas of management and employee development, strategic influencing, and presentation skills. Her expertise is founded on a successful career in sales and sales management with some of the top global companies such as Coca-Cola and Procter and Gamble in the UK.

      In 2001 she founded Archimedes Consulting Limited which is dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations maximize their effectiveness. She has extensive experience of consultancy, training and development, working on team and individual development, designing, selling and delivering training programs.

      She approaches client engagements by looking to gain an in depth understanding of the business and then using that to put together a tailored and specific solution for the needs to that particular client. This is an approach that has been highly successful with her portfolio of international clients, across a number of different industries from consumer goods to high tech.

      She brings to her programs a genuine passion for people development; she’s known for her pragmatic, commercial and real-world approach with her engaging and entertaining style.

      Patricia is an associate of the Coaching Academy, an NLP practitioner, a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing and a Thomas International accredited practitioner.

       Siva Bhanu Visahan G

      SIVA BHANU VISAHAN G, a behavioural specialist, consultant and trainer has extensive experience in organization development roles as well as facilitating the design and development of a HR Management System. His background in Psychology supports the core competencies he brings to any team. These competencies include: organizational development; process design; human resource and leadership development; transaction analysis; body language; facilitation; lecturing and research.

      Siva holds several formal degrees. He is a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication engineering, an MBA, a postgraduate diploma in Human Resources and a Masters in Psychology. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Organizational Psychology. Siva has followed these academic courses with diverse informal study in the fields of transaction analysis, hypnosis, body language, research in personality development and more recently on the role of emotions in an organization context.

      Previously he was actively engaged in guiding the development of Human Capital Management and Corporate Performance Management solutions.

      He has provided training and consulting solutions to some of the leading companies across many countries.

Dec 12
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Building B - Room 132
3165 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara, CA


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