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Presentation Skills

Course Length: 1 day

Presentations Skills Essentials is a workshop for anyone who makes formal or informal presentations, leads meetings or communicates to groups. The focus of this workshop is on identifying and developing each participant's individual presentation style, minimizing distractions and nervousness and maximizing behaviors that inspire confidence.

Emphasis is on effective physical presentation behaviors. Class size is limited to 10 to optimize video-recorded coaching and practice time. 

Key Topics

Develop Effective Behavioral Skills

    • Conquer stage fright or nervousness and eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies
    • Develop presence and confidence
    • Strengthen composure through eye contact, pausing and open solid posture
    • Enhance expressiveness through voice, gestures, use of space and facial expression
    • Promote engagement and manage attention
    • Vary and expand personal style
    • Relate effectively to PowerPoint and other projected visuals and slides

Strengthen Clarity and Impact of Content

  • Optimize opening and closing statements
  • Set context before elaborating on details
  • Increase effectiveness in distilling key ideas into actionable business solutions
  • Structure messages for clarity, brevity and persuasive impact
  • Ensure clarity of key information or requested action

From a recent participant...
I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday . You overcame my reservations immediately and proceeded to work with a fairly unruly bunch to adapt to our skill and interest level. You are quite talented and I learned a number of things that I will be able to apply in a number of contexts.


This class is top notch! The instructor was very experienced and provided me with lots of good tips I can use on all my presentations. Definitely worth while. TIBCO Software
Exceptional! Instructor was knowledgeable and did a great job of helping people grow in a very short time. I am very confident that I will feel immediate results. Extreme Networks, Corp. Systems Engineer
It was incredibly good. Awesome! Cannot wait to apply some of the techniques. eBay, Inc.


 Peter Rosselli

PETER ROSSELLI has been a speaker, consultant, trainer and course designer in the areas of presentation skills and interpersonal communication for over 20 years. As a program manager for Decker Communications, a recognized leader in the Communications Consulting industry, Peter designed curricula and trained a staff of thirty-five consultants to deliver training programs internationally.

He has spent several years designing and conducting programs in Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Cultural Diversity and Customer Service. He has consulted for many companies including Apple, Lab126/Amazon, AT&T, Yahoo!, EMC Software, Medtronic, TIBCO Software, Cypress Semiconductor, SAP, HP, NetApp, Lattice Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated Products, Bank of America, National Semiconductor, Kaiser Permanente and Intel.

Peter has associate instructors in Boston, New York, London and Milan

 Corine Anders

CORINE ANDERS has experience in training, facilitating, coaching, public speaking, seminar design and customization, sales and management. Over the past 20 years, she has trained and consulted with thousands of executives, managers, sales people, technicians, support staff and new recruits.

Her expertise is wide sweeping. It includes high stakes presentations, private consultations, business writing, sales communication, interviewing and management skills. Corine played a key role in leadership development programs at the General Electric - Jack Welch Education Center, Cisco Systems, UBS Warburg, and Yale University. She has worked with the United Nations and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. She has conducted seminars across the United States, Europe, Canada and Mexico.

 Barbara Brocklebank

BARBARA BROCKLEBANK has over 15 years experience as a consultant and corporate trainer. Barbara works with executives at all levels helping groups and individuals prepare for important presentations and business communications. She has conducted hundreds of skills development programs for a diverse group of industries including: technology, financial, health care, pharmaceutical, legal, scientific and consumer products.

She believes that compelling speakers are created, not born and that all executives can improve their natural speaking style to inform, motivate or inspire their audiences.

 Michael Heim

MICHAEL HEIM has been a trainer, speaker, consultant and course designer in the areas of presentation skills, cultural diversity and interpersonal communication for over 17 years. He has spent several years designing and conducting programs in Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Cultural Diversity and Customer Service.

He has consulted for many companies including Apple Computer, AT&T, Bank of America, Pacific Bell, National Semiconductor, Cirrus Logic, Kaiser Permanente, Intel, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

 Debbie Hildebrandt

DEBBIE HILDEBRANDT provides training and coaching to individuals seeking to improve their spoken communication skills. Over the past nineteen years she has coached executives in a variety of industries including accounting and professional services, pharmaceutical, financial, health care, communications, commercial real estate, and technology. Clients include senior partners at Deloitte & Touche, KPMG, and Cushman & Wakefield. Additionally, Debbie has conducted group-training sessions at Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, Bell Atlantic, Tufts Health Plan, Fidelity, Fleet, Nextel Partners, Microsoft, Weyerhaeuser and Fujitsu. Private sessions vary from improving one-to-one communications to preparing and rehearsing a major presentation or speech. Group sessions include communication skills for meetings and presentations.

In addition to her corporate work, Debbie has been a member of the Training and Development staff at Brown University, where she designed and delivered programs on management development, presentation skills, conflict resolution and team building. While an instructor in the University of Hawaii system, she taught courses in both the speech and business education departments.

Debbie has also served as a Director for Kaplan Test Prep, an international education company, where she was responsible for statewide sales, marketing implementation and instructor training.

Debbie resides in the heart of Boston and enjoys travel and running. She holds an MBA and undergraduate degrees in both education and psychology.

 Deborah Masters

DEBORAH MASTERS has over 20 years experience as a consultant, coach, and course designer for Presentation Skills, Value Selling, and Interpersonal Communication. She has worked with thousands of individuals and conducted hundreds of skills development programs in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, entertainment, science, and sports. She has also assisted organizations through critical transitions, such as mergers and acquisitions.

As a respected public speaking coach and communication strategist, Deborah’s work focuses on business communication and personal change. She works with senior executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and teams to help them communicate creatively with confidence and clarity, and to develop and deliver compelling messages that inspire and motivate.

 John Prince

JOHN PRINCE is an expert in personal and public communication. Since 1987, he has provided training and consulting expertise to people at all levels of the business world, from the newly hired to upper management. He has shown these individuals how to remove barriers to effective communication and enabled them to deliver their messages powerfully and effectively in public as well as in personal forums. Equally comfortable in working with small and large groups as well as with individuals, he has helped people gain the confidence and skills necessary to strengthen and improve themselves and ultimately, their organizations.

John has developed and managed training and consulting staffs and designed and delivered training programs nationally and internationally. He has worked with groups and individuals from various disciplines such as sales, marketing, administrative, customer service and management from a variety of industries, including banking, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, clothing, insurance, entertainment and public utilities.

John has also held positions in the hospitality industry and as an outside salesperson. He has served as a captain in the United States Air Force and worked in the Theater as well as Radio. He holds a B.A. in Spanish from Grove City College in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Sausalito, California.

 Lora Stenard

LORA STENARD has over 20 years experience as a senior executive consultant with exceptional business acumen, interpersonal skills, and communication expertise.

Lora sees her mission as an opportunity to contribute to great leadership, the development of high performance teams, and the production of outstanding results for corporations. She provides coaching and training in spoken communications skills to professionals and executives at the CEO level. She has coached and trained thousands of people helping them develop and enhance their communications skills in presentations, sales situations, and business communications. She has helped them recognize their own personal style, enabling them to present themselves in a genuine, confident and compelling way.

Ms. Stenard spent over eleven years with Decker Communications as the Director of Training and a senior executive consultant designing and developing programs.

Sep 14
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Intuitive Surgical
Bldg 108 - Training Room 4
1020 Kifer Road
Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale, CA


Oct 24
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Bldg E - Room SJO.E-185
1650 Technology Drive
San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA


Onsite Delivery

For more information about having a course delivered at your site and tailored to meet your organization's specific objectives.

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