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IT Management Mondays©

These ongoing 90 minute sessions, offered live-online every other Monday,* are designed to provide continual, high quality, management training with the goal of maximizing your organization’s IT management knowledge, effectiveness and resiliency, while minimizing the business impact related to "out-of-the-office" training time.

Subscription Training Series Schedule

All sessions are recorded and can be viewed any time after the scheduled live presentation
Recorded Session Making the IT Management Move
Recorded Session Building Your Professional Brand
Recorded Session Thinking Like a CIO
Recorded Session Communication Skills and IT Leadership
Recorded Session Leadership Without Authority
Recorded Session Managing Transitory Teams
Recorded Session Managing Virtual Teams
Recorded Session Home Office Productivity
Recorded Session Managing Conflict with Staff, Peers, and Clients
Recorded Session Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
Recorded Session Internal Client Service and Tech Support
Recorded Session Building your IT Management Bench Strength
Recorded Session Fostering IT Innovation
Recorded Session Executive Time Management Tips and Tricks
Recorded Session IT Megatrends and Their Management Consequences
Recorded Session Negotiation Skills

Register Here to reserve your seats, build your management bench strength, and enhance your IT organization’s effectiveness and resiliency.


Each 90 minute webinar-based session includes one or more of the following items:

  • » Downloadable workbook, reference materials, and/or whitepaper
  • » Online assessments (self-service for duration of your Subscription)
  • » eLearning (self-service for duration of your Subscription)

The Logistics:

  • » Class seats (one session  / one person) are purchased in blocks of 25, 50, 100, 250  and 500
  • » Your staff can attend whichever sessions they choose
  • » All sessions are recorded and can be viewed any time after the scheduled live presentation
    (one seat per showing)
  • » Purchased seats can be used anytime within one year of the purchase date


Subscription Pricing

Seats are sold only in blocks, not as individual seats

Number of Seats Price Per Seat Price Per Block


Key Points of Information:

  1. One "seat" equals one person for one session. For example, if an employee takes the "Thinking Like a CIO" class on May 5th, that counts as one seat.
  2. Seats are purchased in "blocks", can be allocated to employees in any amount, and can be used to view any session.
  3. Seats allocated to a specific employee, if not yet used, can be reallocated to other employees.
  4. Reports can be displayed at any time, giving you up-to-the-minute information on allocations and usage.
  5. All training sessions are delivered live, recorded, and can be viewed on demand at any time after the original live presentation date.  Each viewing of a recorded presentation also counts as one "seat".
  6. Purchased seats can be used at any time within one year of the date purchased.


Usage/Allocation example:

IF you buy a 50 seat block, you can:
  • » Allocate 25 seats each to 2 employees, giving each a full year of IT management training
  • » Allocate 10 seats each to 5 employees, allowing them to attend any 10 sessions of their choice
  • » Allocate 1 seat to each to 50 employees and have them all attend the Negotiation Skills session
  • » ... or allocate seats to any number of employees in any amounts that meet your business needs


 Eric Bloom

ERIC BLOOM, a former CIO, today is the Executive Director of IT Management and Leadership Institute (ITML), an organization specializing in Information Technology (IT) leadership development and IT soft skills training.

Eric began his career as a software developer (programmer) and moved up through the ranks to CIO. Therefore, he understands his topic, IT management, from the bottom up. As they say, "He walks the walk."

Prior to founding ITML, Eric held senior IT leadership positions at The Boston Company Asset Management, Monster.com, Independence Investments, and Fidelity Investments. He has also been an adjunct faculty member at Bentley College and Boston University and is the author of several computer and management books.

Eric holds bachelor degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Bentley University and has an MBA from Babson College. He lives in Massachusetts.

Webinar Class Descriptions

Making the IT Management Move (Recorded Session)

Designed for future IT leaders, this webinar is designed to help IT individual contributors properly position themselves to become and mentally prepare themselves to succeed in future IT management roles.  To this end, it discusses IT-related management concepts, thoughts on the transition from individual contributor to manager, and insights in the responsibilities of a management role.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Specific steps needed position yourself for future management roles
  • Advice on how to make successfully make the transition from individual contributor to Technical Lead and/or IT Manager

Building Your Professional Brand (Recorded Session)

Whether you are looking for a job, pushing for a promotion, trying to start your own company, or looking for a date to your sister’s wedding, building your personal/professional brand can be of great help. This webinar can help you with the three professional goals previously listed. Regarding your sister’s wedding, you’re on your own.

Based on Manager Mechanics President, Eric Bloom’s  weekly “Your IT Career” column/blog in ITworld.com , the first aspect of your professional brand is your reputation in the workplace.  The second aspect of your professional brand is your credentials, skills, experiences, etc. 

This webinar discusses both types of professional branding, now to build them, and how to use them to your advantage.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Insights on how to accelerate the professional growth of you and your team
  • Knowledge on how you and your team can expend your professional reputation within both your company and your industry

Thinking Like a CIO (Recorded Session)

Unlike the typical IT oriented hard skills or software skills experience, this class outlines a philosophy of how to look at the world of IT and your company in general.

This underlying topic, and the instruction provided, is designed to broaden your way of thinking about IT with the goal of expanding your management perspective. 

This enhanced perspective has the potential to significantly improve your current work performance, get you noticed by those above you organizationally, and accelerate your upward professional growth.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • An understanding of how thinking like a CIO today, regardless of your current organizational level,  can help you get there tomorrow
  • Specific ways to broaden your view of IT, thus allowing you see things that were previously unnoticed

Communication Skills and IT Leadership (Recorded Session)

This webinar, for executives, managers and individual contributors alike, discusses various tried-and-true techniques, concepts, and methodologies designed to enhance the interpersonal communication skills of the webinar participant.

Examples of the topics discussed include emotional intelligence, active listening, question types, body language, and related areas.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Understanding of the nature,  purpose and importance  of manager/executive communication
  • Awareness of key factors effecting communication effectiveness including emotional intelligence, active listening, question types, body language

Leadership Without Authority (Recorded Session)

The ability to influence others is key to the success of IT professional from the CIO to newest college intern.  CIOs must work at equal footing with other C-suite executives, Project Managers must motivate and direct their dotted line resources, and individual contributors must often influence others to get the resources and information they need to complete their tasks.

This webinar discussed various concepts, techniques, and methodologies to truly lead others without the official authority to do so.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Enhance your ability to influence those outside your organization
  • Ways Technical Leads and Project Managers can better manage their dotted-line resources

Managing Transitory Teams (Recorded Session)

In today’s world of flatter IT organizations, outsourcing, home-sourcing, off-shoring and the ongoing formation and deconstruction of project teams on a project-by-project basis, it can be very challenging to maximize team productivity.  It seems that that by the time the project team is working well together, it’s broken up and the individual players are separately moved to other projects needing their specific expertise.

This webinar discusses concepts, processes, techniques, and methodologies to more quickly bring teams together as a unit with the goal of minimizing their group learning curve and speeding group efficiency.
Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Insights into team building concepts and their application within the workplace
  • Key methodologies, tips and tricks that you can use accelerate team formation

Managing Virtual Teams (Recorded Session)

Managing people within a single location certainly has its challenges. That said, these challenges are magnified when you your team is physically dispersed across town, across the country, and/or across the world. 

This webinar outlines the practical and logistical differences between “single location” and “multi-location” management, followed by insights into the specific tactics, techniques, and processes needed to effectively manage virtual teams.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • An understanding the virtual team dynamics, challenges, and advantages
  • Specific tactics, techniques, and processes needed to effectively manage virtual teams


Home Office Productivity (Recorded Session)

As more work is done at home, either because of industry trends toward telecommuting or because you have so much work to do that you can’t get it all done at the office, maximizing your work productivity at home allows you to spend more time with family and friends.

This webinar provides specific suggestions and techniques to enhance to productivity when working from home, including work space design, technology tips, and other related topics.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Techniques to maximize your productivity when working from/at home
  • Ways to have the people at your office know you’re working and not taking a vacation day
  • As a manager, how to track the work effectiveness of your staff when they’re working from home

Managing Conflict with Staff, Peers, and Business People (Recorded Session)

Knowing how to recognize, understand and intervene effectively in conflict situations is a critical career-enhancing skill.

The class outlines the causes of conflict within the workplace in general, specific areas of contention within IT, strategies to deal with conflict, various suggestions designed to defuse tense situations, and a formalized conflict resolution process. 

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • An understanding of interpersonal conflict dynamics and resolution strategies
  • A life skill that has both personal and professional value

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce (Recorded Session)

For the first time in history there are four (soon to be five) generations of employees in the workforce and each of these generations has their own values, work ethic, interests, and motivations.  These generational differences can dramatically increase management complexity.  For example, many Baby Boomers have trouble understanding and managing Gen Y and Millennium aged employees.  Conversely, many younger managers in their 20’s feel very uncomfortable managing staff they parent’s or grandparent’s age.

This webinar openly discusses these issues from a management perspective with the goal of reducing intergenerational tensions and maximizing group productivity.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • An understanding of generational issues and their management implications
  • Ways to use this diversity to maximize organization innovation and efficiency

Internal Client Service and Tech Support (Recorded Session)

User satisfaction comes from great internal client service. This webinar is specifically designed for individuals and departments that provide internal services to fellow employees within their company.  

This webinar discusses the differences between internal and external client/customer support provides usable methodologies, tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize internal support quality, efficiency, and recipient satisfaction.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Insights into internal client service concepts, politics, and best practices
  • The differences between internal client service and relationship management
  • Specific actionable techniques to enhance your user satisfaction

Building your IT Management Bench Strength (Recorded Session)

IT Management Bench Strength refers to the ability and readiness for IT takes on new initiatives, moves toward new technologies, restructure itself to meet business needs and efficiently find successors to move into key leadership positions as IT grows.

This webinar discusses various methods, techniques, and processes to maximize your organization’s management bench in ways that provide the competency and resiliency to take on today’s intense business challenges. 

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Understanding of methods and techniques to maximize your organization’s  bench strength
  • Knowledge of how to navigate key roadblocks and challenges related to implementing bench strength initiatives

Fostering IT Innovation (Recorded Session)

Innovation in IT is the successful creation, implementation, enhancement and/or improvement of a technical process, business process, software product, hardware product, or cultural factor that reduces costs, enhances productivity, increases company competitiveness, or provides other business value.

This webinar provides IT leadership with the information, insights, and tools needed to foster innovation within their organization.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • An understanding of successful innovation within an IT context
  • Insights into the advantages, drivers, uses, and pitfalls of innovation within IT
  • Specific ways to create an culture of innovation within your IT organization

Executive Time Management Tips and Tricks (Recorded Session )

When most people think of time management they simply think of to-do lists, prioritization, and personal task management.  While these are time-tested and valuable techniques, as an IT executive, manager, or supervisor you have many additional opportunities to simultaneously increase your personal efficiency and maximize your team’s growth and productivity.

This webinar discusses five groundbreaking techniques that bring time management to a whole new level.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Knowledge of various innovative time management techniques specifically designed for people in leadership roles
  • Understanding of how these techniques can be used in the workplace to help maximize your team’s efficiency as well as your own

IT Megatrends and Their Management Consequences (Recorded Session)

Major long term megatrends are taking the IT industry by storm.  Each of these megatrends has its own idiosyncrasies, but together they are driving the future of business computing, the type of service IT can provide to its constituency, and how IT itself is structured and managed.

An understanding of what these trends are and how to use them to your advantage in the workplace is essential to maximize the value of IT to your organization.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Insights into the short-term and long term effect that these IT megatrends has on the IT function
  • Ways to employ these megatrends to the advantage of your company, IT organization, staff members, and yourself

Negotiation Skills (Recorded Session)

IT managers, Project Managers and other IT professionals negotiate with vendors on price, delivery dates, service levels, and a myriad of other topics. They also negotiate with their business users on everything from budget to software application features. As a result, negotiation skills are a key element of both IT organizational success and individual professional career development.  As the old expression goes, in business you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • An understanding of negotiation dynamics, styles and strategies
  • Specific negotiation techniques that can be used in both business and personally