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“Such a valuable subject. My team would likely double in productivity if the ideas in this class were put in to practice. ”
Cupertino-based Technology Company, UX Designer
“Appreciated the instructors adaptability based on the needs and desires of the participants.”
“I am going to recommend this course to my entire team - we would really benefit as a whole if we're all on the same page about all this.”
TIBCO, HR Representative
“I needed a business writing class for a geographically dispersed team of individuals. Due to the current economy, they could not all travel to a central location for training. ETA worked with us to convert the standard classroom workshop, that we'd used successfully for years, into a blended solution including e-learning, live virtual training, and one-on-one phone coaching with the instructor. The participants found that chunking the training into smaller segments over a few days actually made it easier to fit into their busy work schedules, and they really appreciated the individualized attention from the instructor. We were very pleased with the results! ”
Sybase, Inc., HR Training Director
“This class is top notch! Peter is very experienced and provided me with lots of good tips I can use on all my presentations. Definitely worth while.”
TIBCO Software
“I especially appreciate the use of real life experience, not just theory.”
Cypress Semiconductor
“I absolutely would recommend this course. This mental mind-set needs to be distributed to the masses to instill a 'new deal' in the corporate culture.”
Blue Coat Systems, Manager
“Course was well presented, informative and very helpful.”
“Great ideas conveyed by instructor in a simple, clear, amusing and memorable manner.”
eBay, Inc., General Accountant
“All those who present should take this course. I will let my team and HR know the value and importance of this course.”
Brocade Communications, Sales Support
“Great simplicity, yet profoundness, of what leaders are/do.”
Cypress Semiconductor
“I would recommend this class to everyone, even if you're happy with your job. It can be very insightful.”
Plantronics, Sr. Product Designer
“ Very Good! I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses as a manager and have more confidence about my abilities. The instructor obviously had a great deal of experience to share.”
Extreme Networks, Product Manager
“This was the best class I've ever attended.”
Sybase, Software Architect
“This was very helpful and if everyone followed some of these principles there would be more cooperation and efficiency in companies.”
Brocade, Financial Analyst
“This was very informative and interactive with tools I can actually use in my daily work.”
Cypress Semiconductor, SR. Administration Specialist
“This class is top notch! The instructor was very experienced and provided me with lots of good tips I can use on all my presentations. Definitely worth while.”
TIBCO Software
“Extremely effective classs to understand yourself in both strength and weakness, and then see how to improve.”
St. Jude Medical, Clinical Systems Engineer
“Excellent course! It provided a lot of conceptual ideas that we don't get in one day-to-day work routine.”
Cypress Semiconductor, Operations Engineer
“Exceptional! Instructor was knowledgeable and did a great job of helping people grow in a very short time. I am very confident that I will feel immediate results.”
Extreme Networks, Corp. Systems Engineer