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“I absolutely would recommend this course. This mental mind-set needs to be distributed to the masses to instill a 'new deal' in the corporate culture.”
Blue Coat Systems, Manager
“Good exercises were engaging and enlightening and let you know how things are in the real world and what will benefit both parties.”
TIBCO, Program Manager
“Extremely interactive, excellent feedback and everyone got involved.”
Synopsys, Sr. R&D Manager
“10 out of 10! This workshop is one of the most effective workshops I have ever been to.”
Cypress Semiconductor, Engineer Project Lead
“The class has been one of the most valuable classes I have ever attended on soft skills.”
EMC Software Group, Sr. Storage Specialist
“A great mix of lecture, activity and magic. Many things to remember and many ways to remember them.”
eBay, Inc., Training Programs Coordinator
“I took the Tuffte course and learned quite a bit, but was unable to apply it my work. This class is much more useful. I will have lots of opportunity to apply what I've learned.”
Xilinx, Inc.
“There was a high level of participation; instructor has a very engaging style which increased the degree of learning. This was fun. ”
Sybase, Sr. Manager
“Exceptional! Peter is knowledgeable and does a great job of helping people grow in a very short time. I am very confident that I will feel immediate results.”
Extreme Networks, Corp. Systems Engineer
“Utilizing 'real' working examples to test the learning session curriculum - workshop was great!”
Blue Coat Systems, Director - Service & Support Operations
“Great class, great tools, great exercises to make you think - energizing.”
Blue Coat Systems, Sr. HR Business partner
“The course made me think about how to ask the right questions at the right time. Definitely worth the time spent.”
EMC Software Group, Consulting Engineer
“This was a great class and very informative with tips on MS-Excel and the overall understanding of budgeting, reading and the income statements.”
Synopsys, Inc., Supervisor
“All those who present should take this course. I will let my team and HR know the value and importance of this course.”
Brocade Communications, Sales Support
“This class is top notch! Peter is very experienced and provided me with lots of good tips I can use on all my presentations. Definitely worth while.”
TIBCO Software
“The information was accurate and useful for my everyday work enviromnent; several scenarios I encountered could have been corrected if I applied what I learned today.”
Carl Zeiss Meditec, Trade Show Specialist
“I would recommend this class to everyone, even if you're happy with your job. It can be very insightful.”
Plantronics, Sr. Product Designer
“Presenter is a great example of a hiring manager - well-versed, professional and a highly competent speaker. Material presented was excellent.”
Echelon, System Test Engineer
“I especially appreciate the use of real life experience, not just theory.”
Cypress Semiconductor
“The concepts were presented in precise methods - easy to digest and absorb. Small group brainstorm sessions were very helpful.”
Cypress Semiconductor, Manager