Effective Training Transforms Instructor-Led Management Training

Effective Training Transforms Instructor-Led Management Training

Effective Training Transforms Instructor-Led Management Training

Highly interactive webinar series gets a huge response from a telecommunication giant.


San Jose, CA, September 05, 2017 –  Traditionally, management training has been most effective when delivered by an instructor standing in front of a class and leading them through a series of exercises, games and role-playing scenarios. For over 30 years, that’s how Effective Training Associates, Inc. conducted their corporate onsite and public training courses.

After successfully leading a series of live, instructor-led webinar-based trainings for a large 75-billion-dollar telecommunication company, Effective Training today announced general availability of their instructor-led live webinar series for companies wishing to train their technical professionals and managers.

“Our classroom based training programs have been successful because we made sure that they were not just theoretical transfer of information, but rather experiential, participant-centered, interactive training events,” said Sue Smith, founder and CEO of Effective Training.  “Our instructors don’t even use slide decks in most of our courses! Our biggest challenge was making sure that professionals attending our live webinars had a similar interactive learning experience,” she added.  

Smith led a team of Instructional Designers and Courseware Developers and redesigned their flagship offering “Management Essentials” – normally a two-day classroom program, to a four 2-hour-interactive live webinar series. Experts who understood the intricacies of live webinar tools and technologies were consulted in redesigning the content to utilize the modern tools to their maximum.  Instructors were trained in delivering the content via the webinar tools and a webinar moderator made sure that the training flowed effortlessly!

“We had 150% attendance on our events,” said Laura Hickerson, VP Sales and the Key Account Manager of this telecommunication giant. “The engagement level was over 95%,  which means over 95% of the attendees stayed on till the end of the webinar course!” she said.  After the initial success of the webinar series, Effective Training has now received a contract from this company to deliver over 40 webinars for a worldwide audience.

Based on this success and the demand they saw in the market, Effective Training has now announced 44 new courses which will be delivered globally through the live webinar instructor-led format. These live webinars courses are on a variety of topics, such as transitioning into a managerial
role, conflict resolution, communication skills, leadership, etc.  For a detailed list of courses please visit effectivetraining.com and click on the Live Webinars link on the top.

About Effective Training Associates, Inc.  In 1986, Sue Smith formed Effective Training Associates with the aim of providing people skills training to engineers, managers, and project teams.  Over the last 30 years, Effective Training has become the premier soft skills training company in Silicon Valley and has trained thousands of professionals in locations all over the world.

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