The CEO Connection: Bring out the Warrior in your Workplace …

Bring out the Warrior in your Workplace …

For another year, the electrifying play and teamwork of the 2018 Golden State Warriors championship team enthralled fans across the globe and awed the National Basketball Association (NBA) world with their longevity of winning.  With three championships in four years, they’re clearly at the top of their game. Achieving and maintaining the success at the level the Warriors have is no easy task, but hard work, exceptional coaching, and a talented and driven group of players gets them there each year.  In business, to match the Warriors’ accomplishments, we need the same key pieces in place. So here are some ways organizations can achieve long-term success by bringing out their warriors in the workplace.

First, the biggest foul companies often make is the lack of investment in building the skills of their people.  Companies need to recognize that soft skills are equally critical to technical and professional skills in order to develop all-around players in their organizations.

Second, winning isn’t just about the accumulation of scores or the volume of sales, it’s about the journey together to obtain those wins. Teams need to remain focused and keep their eye on the ball during business and professional growth.

Finally, building strong teams and cultivating unbeatable energy can be met through these important business principles:

  • Hire talented people that fit in with the values of the organization
  • Foster an environment that allows team members to play a more significant role as they grow
  • Assemble a team of high-character individuals that focus on winning without distractions
  • Ensure everyone has a clear understanding and accepts their individual roles in the big picture
  • Use your strongest and hardest working employees to set the tone for everyone else
  • Remain humble and don’t take for granted your success
  • Keep yourself and your team motivated
  • Have Fun – Too much pressure can cause the opposite effect on performance

From center court to the conference room, collaboration and teamwork translates into winning.  So, get off the bench and assist your team in becoming the best warriors you can be in the workplace!

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