Learning: It’s all about ME …

Every morning, I wake up thinking about all I need to accomplish—tasks on my list, meetings I must attend, emails to respond to, people I need to call, and even the lunch I need to pack. Before I even pour my first cup of coffee, my day has filled. It’s easy to see why cramming one more item into my busy schedule, such as learning and training, is a challenge. But to paraphrase former Monsanto CEO, Bob Shapiro: If you can’t take a day away for yourself, you likely need two weeks.

Let me share my learning journey and thoughts on why we all need more training in our lives.
Effectively communicating with the myriad types of people and styles in the workplace is a skillset I have yet to master. Why? Because people are unique and complex. Myself included. While I can’t change others, I can learn to be flexible in my own working and communication style. A recent training that I attended, called Management Essentials, helped me understand this by considering these four questions:

1. Are you a thinker, energetic, imaginative and strategic? Then you are a VISIONARY
2. Are you reliable, detailed, hard-working and dedicated? Then you are an ORGANIZER
3. Are you collaborative, supportive, loyal and motivator? Then you are a TEAM BUILDER
4. Are you committed, energetic, clever, and result-oriented? Then you are a DOER

Through this exercise I learned that my working style colors and impacts my interpretations of others as well as contributes to my automatic responses to the people around me. Knowing this helps me now avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to my communication. Furthermore, the more I tailor my approach, the more successful my working relationships are.

It’s difficult to overstate the benefit this training provided and the increased confidence I have in my communication. Every day, I was consumed by what I had get done, but now I also see how to best get it done among the many different styles of my team.

In the end, this experience has me adding one more item to my list each morning—training. Because it seems to make all the others so much easier.

If you’re interested in your working style and many other important management techniques, you can view the details of the next publicly offered Management Essentials training program here.. We invite you to learn more about our other management programs that can be delivered at your company.

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