The CEO Connection: The Joy of Giving…

The Joy of Giving …

Giving back to the community is good for the soul and good for your workplace culture.

We work in an environment filled with different perspectives, but the one thing we can all identify with is the joy that comes with doing an act of kindness, no matter how big or small. What a unique way to bond as a team while at the same time bringing a little joy into someone else’s life.

In the world we live in today, I am struck by the sheer magnitude of the need surrounding us. I’m also inspired and impressed by my wonderful employees who continue to be committed to the joy of giving year after year.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, about 75 percent of small businesses donate to charities each year. So, how do you determine as a company who and where to spend your time and energy, when there are more needs than can be met.

There are three main principles, that are at the core of my charity selections:

1. Start with your own company values and mission statement – Understanding your mission will help you connect between your organization and a potential charity to partner with

2. Research where your clients are donating – Choosing a cause which resonates with your clients shows that you are in tune with what causes are important to them

3. Don’t forget about your employees – As the heart and soul of a business, employees should be included in the selection process. Choosing a cause, they personally care about will produce more engagement and excitement.

In summary, pick a cause that you believe in and bring a little joy to your community and to yourself…

Reference:  How to Choose a Charity

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  1. Angela Ibarra says:

    So true more now more than ever …

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