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When meeting participants collaborate, innovate, problem solve, and make sound decisions, your organization flourishes. Achieving Meeting Excellence will dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of your entire organization and offers practical solutions to the following frustrations:

  • A meeting agenda is loose with no clear roles or responsibilities.
  • Participants wonder, “Why am I wasting my time here? I have real work to do.”
  • Attendees sneaking a look at their messages rather than being focused.
  • Attendees leave the meeting with no clear action items or responsibilities.
  • There is a “meeting after the meeting” to clarify what they happened



  • Determine when a meeting is the best option to achieve a goal
  • Determine who really needs to attend and what role they will play
  • Prepare an agenda that will accomplish the meeting goal
  • Achieve the highest level of participation, interaction, and collaboration
  • Develop a reputation for highly effective meetings
  • Employ all these techniques and strategies in meetings