Become A Host

Become A Host Company

A key part of the success of ETA’s public programs is the many companies in Silicon Valley that become host companies. By doing so, they provide their employees with exceptional training, conveniently held at their company site, without the responsibility of filling an entire session. Many companies use ETA public programs to round out their own curriculum of professional development training.


Host Company Benefits

  1. Host company can select class from the list of ETA courses.
  2. All employees receive the Host company discount rate on all public courses.
  3. Host Company receives extensive recognition from the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Chapter of TEMS (Technology and Engineering Management Society) for supporting professional and management development courses. The IEEE/ETA public calendar flyer goes to over 10,000 employees in the S.F. Bay Area.
  4. All benefits accrue to Host Company at NO COST TO YOUR COMPANY.


Host Company Responsibilities

  1. Work with an ETA Account Manager to select a course topic and date for public courses.
  2. Provide training room and class setup for up to 24 participants (LCD Projector and flip charts).
  3. Host Company provides an internal contact to greet the instructor at 8:15 AM the morning of the class.
  4. Advertise courses to internal employees. ETA can provide a Word document/pdf or website link. An RSS feed is also available.
  5. Host 1-2 courses per quarter (only recommended, not mandatory).


ETA and IEEE provides the following:

  1. Subject matter expert instructors who receive the highest ratings.
  2. Email a monthly calendar of the public courses and locations to the internal contact to forward to the appropriate technical professionals and managers.
  3. Accept and trace course registrations by phone, e-mail or online.
  4. Students can pay by check or credit card, or ETA can invoice your company.
  5. Provide morning and afternoon snacks and drinks.
  6. Provide Course announcements tailored with host company content in email, PDF and/or HTML formats.
  7. Post on the appropriate IEEE website and with other professional societies.
  8. Provide quarterly report of who attended which courses along with student evaluations.


To learn more or discuss details about becoming a Host Company, contact an ETA representative (or call 408.441.8881) to go over the available courses and dates.


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