Become A Partner

Become A Corporate Training Partner

Hundreds of companies in the San Francisco Bay Area are now training partners with Effective Training Associates, providing their employees with training opportunities at a discounted per person price. There’s no financial obligation to become one. Check out the benefits below!

Corporate Training Partner (CTP) Benefits

  1. All employees will receive the Corporate Training Partner discount rate on all public courses
  2. Corporate Training Partners will receive extensive recognition and advertising for supporting professional development programs for engineers. Acknowledgment goes to over 20,000 engineers and managers.
  3. All benefits accrue to Corporate Training Partners at NO COST TO YOUR COMPANY.

Corporate Training Partner Responsibilities

  1. Corporate Training Partners agree to designate an internal contact to receive the ETA public course calendar each month. The internal contact will forward by e-mail the public course calendar to the appropriate organizations and cc:
  2. The internal contact will post and/or distribute the hard copy flyers that IEEE/ETA mail out 2-4 times a year.
  3. The internal contact will post the public course calendar link to ETA’s website, on your company intranet, website, or education page when possible. RSS feed is available.

ETA provides the following:

  1. Subject matter expert instructors who receive the highest ratings.
  2. monthly calendar of the public courses and locations to the internal contact to forward to the appropriate technical professionals and managers.
  3. Course registration through phone, fax, e-mail or online.
  4. Student invoicing. Students can pay by check or credit card.
  5. Catering for morning and afternoon snacks and drinks.
  6. Course announcements in e-mail, PDF and HTML formats.
  7. Quarterly report of who attended which courses along with student evaluations.

Schedule an appointment with an ETA representative to go over the available courses and dates. To schedule an appointment, or for additional information regarding becoming a host company, please contact: Effective Training Associates at (408) 441-8881.

 Corporate Training Partner info and registration