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Effective Communication

May 8

Qualcomm, Inc. – SJ
Building E – Room 185, 1700 Technology Dr.
San Jose, CA United States

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Corporate Partner employees, IEEE and Association members$475.00

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1 day

In this course, you will examine the three primary communication skills – clear goal setting, making the message audience-appropriate and active and empathic listening and understand how to improve your working relationships in any situation. This is a highly experiential course applicable for people at every level of the organization.

Key Topics

  • Identify actions that may contribute to difficult communication.
  • Learn the three levels of listening
  • Learn the eight blocks to effective listening
  • How to stop defending
  • Value Clarification: Out to Lunch Game
  • Listening through differences to manage conflict
  • How values filter what we hear
  • The Communication Triangle
  • SMART criteria for clear communication
  • Learn situational speaking to deliver difficult messages


Learning to listen and communicate more effectively – don’t attack or problem solve. The instructor provided great examples and lots of role playing opportunities to try out the techniques.
– Juniper Networks, Product Manager

Learning the S.M.A.R.T criteria and how to apply them. The exercises put in practice what we learned.– Juniper Networks, Finance Manager