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Getting Things Done Across Organizational Borders

June 6

Qualcomm, Inc. – SCL
Building B - Room 128, 3165 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, CA United States

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Course Length: 1 day

Right-sizing and restructuring organizations have put a new emphasis on lateral communication and inter-departmental cooperation. Organizations are flatter and no longer command-and-control. People now have to influence others who have different priorities, goals, perspectives and work styles.

This course introduces you to strategies for influencing people who do not report to you, but whose mutual assistance and support are critical to accomplishing workplace goals –to the benefit of you, your colleagues and your organization.

Anyone whose success depends on being able to influence people, in other departments and divisions, over whom you have no formal authority.


  • Apply new strategies for creating results with people within or outside your direct control
  • Obtain “mind share” from people who have other priorities.
  • Develop techniques for reaching people who are currently perceived as “impossible to deal with.”
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your “operating style” for solving issues with others.
  • Demonstrate “operating style” flexibility to get a better hearing.
  • Explore alternative ways to describe projects and proposals.
  • Explore four influencing techniques to increase collaboration across organizational boundaries.
  • Employ practical techniques for making clear, concise requests.

Key Topics

  • Influence Skills – Power to Get Your Work Done
  • Understand Barriers to Influencing Others
  • The “Hollow Square” Experiment
  • Deal with “Push Back” – the Creation Cycle
  • Lack of Trust or Alignment?
  • Practice 3 Strategies to Building Influence and Collaboration
  • Know your “Operating Style” Strengths and Weakness
  • Adjust your Style to Communicate More Effectively
  • Use S-T-P Formula to Influence Action
  • Learn to Apply the 4 Key Influence Techniques
    • Currency Exchange Analysis
    • Effective Requests
    • Trial Balloons
    • Appropriate Medium
  • Reach mutually satisfying collaborative agreements.


Very informative and useful in day-to-day situations.– Elan Pharmaceuticals, Mgr. Security & Employee Training

Great Tools to ensure success on the job.– Keurig Inc., Project Manager

I wish the course was longer – great material, smart use of a day!– Cupertino-based Technology Company, Engineering Project Mgr.