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Management Essentials

February 25-26

SEMI Global Headquarters
673 S. Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas, CA United States

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30 available
List Price$775.00

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No of attendees
27 available
HOST COMPANY / IEEE MEMBER DISCOUNT - Employees of these companies: Exponent, Inphi, Nutanix, NVIDIA,, ServiceNow, Synopsys and TDK InvenSense OR members of IEEE may enroll any time prior to class.$675.00

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Length: 2 days


Research shows a direct link between effective management skills and engaging leadership and an employee’s motivation and productivity. Whether you are a new or experienced manager, managing people is one of the toughest – and most rewarding roles – you’ll ever have. The goal of this program is to support you in learning new skills and habits so that you can be successful and recognized as a great manager and leader.

Key Topics


Role of a Manager

  • The Impossible Task: Management Challenges
  • Difference between Management and Leadership
  • Best and Worst Manager Characteristics
  • How You View Yourself as a Manager

The Balancing Act

  • Individual Contribution versus Management Activity
  • Shift your Perspective: Peer to Manager
  • Analyze Your Use of Time

Lead through Values

  • Manage and Lead through Value Stands
  • Personal Leadership Values

Know Your Working Style

  • Self-Assessment: What is Your Preferred Working Style
  • Know Your Working Style Strengths and Drawbacks
  • Recognize the Working Styles of Others
  • Demonstrate Flexibility to Work Well with Others

Communicate Effectively

  • Balance Between Inquiry and Advocacy
  • Inquiry: Effective Open-Ended Questions
  • Understand the Other Person’s Viewpoint
  • Identify Four Types of Listening
  • Self-Assessment: How Well Do You Listen
  • Advocacy: Articulate Your Ideas and Viewpoint

Delegate for Results

  • Why Delegation is so Challenging
  • Five-Step Delegation Process
  • Determine Ability versus Willingness to do the Job
  • The Freedom to Act: Five Levels
  • Delegation: Dos and Don’ts



Set Clear Goals and Expectations

  • Challenges in Setting Goals for Remote Employees
  • SMART Goals and Objectives
  • Communication Model to Set Clear Expectations
  • Get Commitment versus Compliance

Give Positive and Constructive Feedback

  • Types of Feedback
  • Feedback Model: Positive and Constructive
  • Give Constructive Feedback Effectively
  • Shift from Blame to Solution Talk
  • Best Practices for Effective One-on-One Meetings

Leverage Motivation, Rewards and Recognition

  • Key Reasons Why Employees Leave
  • How to Engage Your Employees – Gallup Research
  • Employee Rewards and Incentives
  • Link Employee Motivation, Performance and Productivity

Deal with Difficult Employees

  • Challenges in Handling Poor Performers
  • Toughening-Up Conversation Model
  • Tips for Dealing with Employee Reactions
  • Handling Difficult Employee Role-Plays

Personal Action Plan