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Mastering Presentations

May 1-2

3101 Jay Street, Ste. 110
Santa Clara, CA

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2 days


The ability to communicate well and present ideas effectively is a critical success factor for any person in business today. This program is a comprehensive coaching process that covers the four key skill areas relevant to impactful business communications and presentations. Participants receive intensive video-recorded feedback and coaching to bring out their most optimal communication style.  Class size is limited to 12 to ensure lasting change through optimal coaching and practice time.


Key Topics

Behavioral Effectiveness

  • Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies and nervousness
  • Strengthen presence
  • Project confidence and conviction
  • Use effective eye contact, gestures, posture, use of space, pausing and voice
  • Identify and develop personal style
  • Manage attention and engage listeners

Clear and Memorable Content

  • Deliver succinct, persuasive, listener-focused messages
  • Structure both written and verbal communication for clarity and actionable effect
  • Optimize opening and closing statements
  • Streamline preparation utilizing the Message Map organizational process
  • Make key information memorable with examples, story, analogy and references
  • Design viewer-friendly visuals and slides

Listener Adaptability

  • Customize presentation for intended audience
  • Expand or contract information to match time constraints
  • Analyze listeners to ensure relevance of information
  • Prioritize for emphasis of key messages
  • Practice in formal, informal, seated and standing settings

Interaction Management

  • Cultivate and encourage interaction
  • Handle difficult questions and challenges, using the “ART” model
  • Stay on track and reinforce key messages
  • Defuse hostility


The breaking down of each topic – practicing each area – and then building upon each lesson to build a complete set of skills was invaluable. Highly recommend.
– Nimble Storage, Director

Very effective. Time allotted was perfect. Each lesson was clear and concise. Helps with presentation & communication skills but also clarity of thoughts & purpose. – Director, Vertical Marketing