Clear Report Writing for Auditors


In person

    This workshop provides internal auditors a process that improves organization, clarity and conciseness of
    audit findings, executive summaries, status reports and audit-related emails. It also helps to ensure that
    public companies maintain compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002.
  • Plan the content based on report purpose and audience
  • Use “to” phrases to stay focused on specific, audit-reporting objective
  • Check the five W’s to cover your bases
  • Explore options for organizing an audit comment, including the five components: condition, criteria,
    effect, cause and recommendation
  • Call for action with recommendation tied to the cause
  •  Set a conversational style
  •  Capture ideas without editing the initial draft
  •  Check for specific language
  •  Revise paragraphs, sentences and words for readability, clarity and conciseness
  •  Make sense with well-ordered paragraphs
  •  Apply the readability index
  •  Vary the length and structure of sentences
  •  Use active voice and parallelism to clarify writing