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In this workshop, you will learn how to apply techniques from the Harvard Negotiation Project, which shift negotiations from win-lose to win-win strategies and enable both parties to come away from the table with more than either expected. Through a series of classroom negotiations, you will discover practical approaches for countering the tactics of the “hard” negotiator that will keep negotiations from slipping into power-based conflicts. You will learn a systematic, four-stage process that identifies interests, options, alternatives, and credible criteria to increase both your negotiating skill and confidence. 


  • Identify collaborative versus aggressive styles 
  • Use the collaborative negotiating model 
  • Handle the “hard” negotiator 
  • Create options from interests 
  • Evaluate priority problems 
  • Use the impact of objective criteria 
  • Use approaches to the zero-sum game 
  • Explore trust, threats and competition 
  • Understand the bargaining zone 
  • Avoid making common mistakes 
  • Make and implement agreements