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Assertive Communications

2 hours


In relationships and communication, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. This webinar explores different communication styles: assertive, aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive. Participants gain an understanding of each style and the appropriate time to use each communication style. The interactive webinar starts with an assertiveness quiz, in which participants identify their strengths and weaknesses and determine areas for development. They learn the “ABCs” of assertiveness: the assertive mindset, behaviors of assertive people and challenging situations that require assertiveness.

Key Topics

  • Learn about the different communication styles: aggressive, passive, passive and aggressive and assertive
  • Take an assertiveness quiz to identify the top ten traits of assertive people
  • Define, demonstrate and practice assertiveness techniques
  • Work with scenarios where techniques can be applied
  • Get the “ABCs” of assertiveness
    • Assertive mindset
    • Behaviors and techniques
    • Challenging situations – how to respond



It’s an essential course to identify your strenths and weaknesses, and how to apply them in everyday business practices.– Vocera Communications, Staff Network Engineer

The instructor was very knowledgable with clear goals and actionable items. I will be able to correlate, connect and remember these skills to make it revelant in my specific job role.– TIBCO Software, Inc., Interaction Designer