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Clear Business and Email Writing

2 x 90-minute sessions

The average employee spends 28 percent of his or her day on email alone.  That’s 73 DAYS per year!  Crafting documents only adds to the time spent writing.

What is the result of your employee’s writing?

  • Are their emails driving timely actions?
  • Are they persuading their readers to buy into their ideas?
  • Is their writing clear and concise to coworkers and customers?

Delivered to over 100 organizations and 1000s of participants, this lively workshop provides a practical approach for business writing.  Participants learn by doing, the only legitimate way to improve writing skills.

Workshop-improved product

  • Action-oriented emails
  • Announcements
  • Articles
  • Meeting minutes
  • Presentations
  • Procedures
  • Proposals
  • Status reports


The training includes three key components

  • Pre-course assignment:Participants complete a questionnaire and submit a writing sample for review. The instructor reviews the sample and tailors course topics to emphasize and address the needs of each participant.
  • Critiquing:The instructor provides feedback and suggestions for improvement of the writing samples.
  • Webinar:The webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes on two consecutive days. The sessions are comprised of lecture, discussion and brief writing and workbook exercises.



  • Improve clarity and conciseness of documents and emails to customers, co-workers and management.
  • Tailor writing to needs of multiple audience types.
  • Write professional, respectful emails that drive action and reflect well on you, your team and your company.


Key Topics

  • Writing with your goal in mind
  • Providing details that the reader needs
  • Using a conclusion-first approach to get to the point
  • Persuading your audience
  • Applying revising techniques to achieve clarity
  • Trimming the fat from wordy writing
  • Formatting documents for easy scanning of information
  • Making your emails stand out and get things done at work
  • Avoiding misunderstandings by using proper writing etiquette



We all can improve in our communications and I certainly want to be on the receiving end of emails from someone who took this course.– Filemaker, Inc., Manager

The exercises in this course helped to articulate my thoughts in email/business writings. The awareness of how to properly write an email and communicate ideas will help to improve my overall communication standards.– Veeva Systems, Principal QA Engineer