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Communicating Across Cultures

3 hours (delivered in one session, or two 90-minute sessions)


Has the world arrived at your door? This course is a must if you collaborate in a global team, serve customers/suppliers abroad, or work with culturally diverse H1B professionals. Learn how people from different cultures approach relationships with managers and team members, reach commitments, view initiative, accept accountability and share information. After this course, you will see how culture can affect motivation and performance. Learn strategies to communicate while building teamwork in an environment in which people of all cultures will excel.

Key Topics

  • Gain insight into various cultural approaches to time, information, planning, decision-making, relationships, power and change
  • Test your skills to “read between the lines” and increase your insights across cultures
  • Apply six tactics to write clear emails to be understood globally
  • Learn to facilitate meetings to balance cultural styles and increase participation and inclusiveness
  • Learn clarification strategies when you get a polite “yes” too often
  • Read non-verbal communication signals and avoid offensive gestures
  • Learn techniques to communicate clearly with “global English” and understand accents
  • Give feedback that motivates Asians and Europeans
  • Identify assumptions about trust and how to build trust more effectively across cultures
  • Recognize conflict and how to discuss it when there are different cultural approaches


This course made me keep in mind that the bottom line is respect which in turn leads to success. The tools provided lead to a smooth collaboration to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding– Bloom Energy, VP Supply Chain

It gives insight to factors I wasn’t aware of. For example, how to provide proper feedback across cultures, and the art of listening.– Inphi Corporation, Test Engineer