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Communicating as a Manager

2 hours

Managing people demands a deep appreciation of different individual working styles and the flexibility to deal with those differences and optimize the outcome.

Learning Objectives

  • Define what a working style is and what it is not
  • Describe all four working styles along with the benefits and drawbacks
  • Identify the working style that best describes you
  • Recognize the working styles of others and tips to increase your effectiveness
  • Encourage open communication and respect all viewpoints 

Key Topics

Know Your Working Style

  • Why understanding individual working styles is important to you as a manager
  • Benefits of knowing the four different working styles
  • Gaining insight into your preferred styles of working and communicating
  • Knowing the strengths and drawbacks of your preferred working style
  • Recognizing the working styles of others
  • Demonstrating flexibility to get the best results

Communicating Effectively

  • The 3 Cs of effective communication
  • Identifying the four types of listening
  • Distinguishing between inquiry and advocacy
  • Seeking to understand others’ thinking and rationale
  • Asking open-ended questions to understand their viewpoint
  • Acknowledging the other person’s thoughts and feelings
  • Surfacing assumptions
  • Articulating your ideas and viewpoint
  • Five actions for effective communication and listening

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