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Communication Essentials

2 hours


Guaranteed to be fast-paced, interactive, entertaining and informative, Communication Essentials is a webinar that will make an immediate and positive impact on the participants’ ability to produce results. Participants will discover the secret to connecting powerfully with people and get quick responses to critical messages; discover the noise that impacts their ability to get what they want; understand the inputs and outputs that make them effective communicators.

Key Topics

  • Learn to recognize and work with different communication styles – auditory, visual and kinesthetic – to expedite results and maximize outcomes
  • Explore ways that inadvertently obstruct communication and how to overcome barriers to effective communication
  • Produce optimum results in every communication by having a clear and compelling purpose and message
  • Know the communication variables of inputs and outputs and how to use them to utilize their greatest advantage


To improve communication you must first understand the different styles. It was educating and provided useful information. A must training for all.– Qualcomm, Director, Business Development

It was a time-worthy class and moving forward I will be applying more effort in my work and private communication.– Synopsys, Inc., Senior Accountant