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Conflict Resolution

2 hours

Intended Audience

People whose success at work depends on their ability to effectively manage conflict


Conflict management involves situations where the interests of two or more people differ and where those people can influence one another’s ability to achieve their respective interests. When business people listen to each other’s viewpoints, while also assertively advocating their own point of view, conflict is unavoidable. Conflict is valuable as a way to develop optimal solutions, but must be managed effectively. This webinar defines conflict and explores why conflict is not only inevitable but also valuable. Participants learn different strategies for managing conflict and when to use each strategy based on characteristics of the situation, as well as tips and techniques for implementing each strategy.


  • Recognize the business importance of conflict management
  • Identify five strategies for managing conflict
  • Recognize when to use each conflict management strategy based on specific characteristics of the business situation
  • Identify tips for implementing each conflict management strategy

Key Topics

  • Assertiveness, listening and conflict
  • The value of conflict and conflict management
  • Organizational and personal benefits of conflict management
  • Conflict management skills
  • Avoid, compete, accommodate, collaborate and compromise
  • When to use each of the five conflict management strategies
  • The outcome and the relationship
  • Indicators of effective conflict management
  • Tips for using each of the five conflict management strategies
  • Steps for managing conflict effectively


The workforce as a whole can benefit from this course. Situations tend to become emotional and learning to diffuse them and change our problem solving approach can create more effective work relationships.– Evernote, Manager, People Ops.

It’s a very interactive course, which felt like it was “our” workshop instead of just hearing a speaker talk. In addition, we were given the appropriate tools to help resolve day to day conflicts.– Netgear, Group Manager, Knowledge Base