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Customer Service Excellence in Email

Length Two 90-minute sessions on consecutive days


Ensure that customer-facing employees provide professional, top-notch service in their email writing.
The objective of this training is to craft focused emails that are clear and concise and help to build and
maintain positive relationships with clients. 

This online training provides practical techniques to write subject lines that get attention, apply a format
that highlights the most important elements of the message and strike a friendly, respectful tone. As a
result, management can rest assured that employees write in a way that prevents miscommunication and
the possibility of customer relationship issues. Employees will be able to implement the best practices in
customer service and email the very next time they craft a message to a customer.

The training includes three key components:

  1. Pre-work:Participants complete a questionnaire to help the instructor address their specific needs and writing scenarios.
  2. Webinar:An engaging, webinar comprised of lecture, discussion and writing exercises.


  • Provide exceptional customer service in email
  • Achieve clarity, conciseness and productivity
  • Make writing reflect well on you, your products and services and your company

Key Topics

  • Decide when to email versus call the customer
  • Write specific, meaningful subject lines
  • Start and close emails with the “human dimension”
  • Use the GRACE email format for excellent customer service
  • Articulate action items clearly
  • Achieve clarity and conciseness in writing
  • Create a respectful tone
  • Ensure completeness
  • Achieve proper email etiquette
  • Proofread for perfection