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Dealing with Yourself and Others in Difficult Situations

2 hours


The volatility of today’s market can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. The truism, “the only person you can change is yourself,” is the key factor in managing yourself and others in difficult situations. And while it seems simple, it is not often easy. In this webinar we address the age-old question: what makes difficult people difficult? And then we develop techniques for understanding and working with these difficult behaviors. And when all else fails, we look at stress management strategies to cope and thrive in the difficult times.

Key Topics

  • Understand and learn how to alter behavior patterns; a four-step process for changing your reactions to difficult people and situations
  • Manage anger, negativity and other potentially damaging emotions in stressful times
  • Identify and disarm your own emotional triggers
  • Techniques for maintaining confidence, composure, and professionalism
  • Respond powerfully and get what you want in even the most challenging situations


The best takeaway was E+R=O. That will always stay with me as well as the tips on dealing with change resistors.– Applied Materials, Inc., Senior Director

I appreciated the clarity of being able to identify communication styles. Plus the all the advice on how to deal with different behaviors. My most helpful tip was to posture myself (standing, hands on hips) over the phone when talking to a high level manager bully.– Proteus Digital Health, Production Planner