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Developing Interpersonal Skills: Assertiveness

2 hours

Intended Audience

People whose success at work depends on their ability to express their views honestly and represent the interests of their organization.


Assertiveness means that you honestly express your views and defend your rights without dominating others. While listening is a foundational skill that allows you to understand others, it is only half of the story. Productive business relationships involve both listening and asserting. When combined, asserting and listening create the possibility of discovering the optimal response to business challenges and opportunities. This webinar defines the importance of assertiveness and distinguishes assertion from submission and aggression. Participants learn how to speak assertively, deal with push back against their assertions, and behave assertively in a variety of situations.


  • Recognize the business importance of assertiveness
  • Identify three approaches to relationships – submission, assertion, and aggression
  • Determine how to be verbally assertive and deal with push back from others
  • Identify tips for behaving assertively in a variety of business situations

Key Topics

  • The value of assertiveness
  • Assertiveness and listening
  • Organizational and personal benefits of assertiveness
  • The submission-assertion-aggression continuum
  • Submissive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors
  • The 3-step process for stating your position
  • The 3-part assertion message
  • Tips for confronting the behavior of others
  • Tips for dealing with defensiveness and push back
  • Behavioral assertiveness