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Developing Interpersonal Skills: Listening

2 hours

Intended Audience

People whose success at work depends on their ability to listen effectively to customers, colleagues, and employees.


Listening is a foundational skill that allows you to fulfill all your other work responsibilities. Effective listening encourages others to be open and honest so that you understand what is really happening. This allows you to get the information you need to take action and is essential for success in complex and fast-changing business situations. This Webinar defines the importance of effective listening in business and identifies the key characteristics of high quality listening. Participants learn tips and techniques for using silence, reading nonverbal cues, probing for more information, and empathizing.


  • Define the business importance of listening
  • Identify the key elements of high quality listening and how to achieve them
  • Define silence and how to use it effectively while listening
  • Recognize the importance of reading non-verbal cues, inquiring, and empathizing as well as how to use these skills to achieve high quality listening

Key Topics

  • Effective listening
  • The virtuous cycle of listening
  • Organizational and personal benefits of listening
  • Levels of listening
  • Key elements of high quality listening
  • Effective silence
  • Types of silence
  • What to do during silence
  • Tips for breaking uncomfortable silence
  • Reading nonverbal cues, inquiring, and empathizing