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Diplomacy, Authenticity and Harmony in the Workplace

2 hours


In today’s workplace, we work at faster speeds and higher levels of productivity than ever before including the drive to get things done can that can upset and cause friction.  And in the global marketplace, we add an additional layer of complexity and have to manage for diverse behaviors and communication styles.  These stressors and on-going demands can leave us with little time to think and plan, let alone tend to workplace relationships.  When things go too far – we can be perceived as uncaring, even rude, and sometimes cross the line into what can constitute harassment of others. In this course we discover what it takes to find middle ground and create a workplace in which diplomacy, authenticity and harmony can co-exist.

Key Topics

  • Perspectives – learn how your own and others’ views impact communication and performance
  • Learn techniques for working with diplomacy and tact even in high-pressure situations
  • Identify the components necessary to have environment of trust and that promote a workplace that is safe and comfortable for everyone
  • Practice communication skills for managing inputs (listening) and outputs (assertiveness)
  • Identify one’s personal communication style and the styles of others; develop an understanding of what is needed to create complimentary working relationships
  • Review and learn to avoid the roadblocks to effective communication
  • Create a model for yourself and your team to maximize productivity and create a harmonious work environment