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Emotional Intelligence at Work

2 Hours


Improve social and emotional competencies for anyone whose business success depends on working effectively with others. People managers, project leaders and team leaders particularly benefit from understanding and leveraging these competencies.

Participants assess their emotional intelligence by completing the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal online prior to the webinar. During the webinar, participants learn about “emotional hijacking” and learn how to avoid and manage these situations. Video scenarios provide insight into better understanding each of the EI competencies. Participants also identify at least one critical area where enhancing emotional skills will improve their effectiveness.


  • Understand the definition and core principles of emotional intelligence
  • Clarify the connection between emotional intelligence and success at work
  • Examine the results of the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal online assessment
  • Learn ways to develop emotional intelligence skills
  • Define and describe ways to manage “emotional hijackings”
  • Identify one personal goal focused on enhancing your emotional skills

Key Topics

  • Defintion and core principles of EI
  • Relationship between high I (aka EQ) and success in the workplace
  • Recognition of “emotional hijackings” and ways to manage them more successfully
  • Methods to develop EI
  • Identification of specific action(s) to increase your EI