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Engaging Your Employees

2 hours


Research shows a direct link between effective management skills, engaging leadership and an employee’s motivation and productivity. Leading by example is just that – a great example!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how internal and external factors apply to motivating and engaging your employees
  • Recognize the value of a diverse workforce and how to make it an advantage for your company
  • Use toughening-up conversation skills to handle difficult employees
  • Apply best practices for managing remote employees and virtual teams

Key Topics

Motivating and Engaging Employees

  • Top five reasons employees stay or leave
  • Why employee engagement is so important
  • Analyzing your engagement levels and those of your team
  • Five tips to increase motivation and engagement

Managing Across Generations

  • Five generations working together – unprecedented
  • Characteristics that define the millennial generation
  • Tips for managing across generations

Dealing with Difficult Employees

  • Challenges in handling issues of poor performance
  • The toughening-up conversation model
  • Anticipating and dealing with emotional reactions

Virtual Teams: Working Together Apart

  • Five key challenges of managing virtual teams
  • Best practices for keeping virtual teams engaged

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