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Get to the Point: Generating Content for Speaking and Writing

90 minutes


How many meetings, presentations, or voicemails have you listened to where – at the end of them – you had to ask yourself, “What was the point?”? Business communications should be clear, succinct, listener focused, and engaging, with the most important points easily remembered.

This highly interactive program is for any business professional who wants to be more impactful in group meetings, one-on-ones, presentations, phone calls, emails and other written communications.


Key Topics
Participants will receive and learn to use a time-saving Message Mapping tool, PEARL Principles, and content organizing principles to:

  • Analyze what specific listeners need or want to know
  • Adjust content to target various levels of listener expertise
  • Be clearer and more memorable in meetings
  • Get to the crux of a message and avoid the ‘data dump’
  • Set memory hooks to emphasize key points
  • Structure formal or informal communications for greater impact
  • Enhance your ability to ‘think on your feet’


Group size is limited to 20 to maximize feedback and select coaching possibilities.