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Great Internal IT Client Service

4 hours


User satisfaction comes from great internal client service. This class is specifically designed for individuals and departments providing services to fellow employees within their company, as opposed to external clients. For example, the sales, marketing, finance and human resources groups are clients of the Information Technology (IT) department because IT provides services to these groups.

User satisfaction requires more than only technical ability.  It also requires the capability to understand user needs, communicate effectively, properly measure user satisfaction and the ability to create a service-oriented environment.

Key Topics

Internal client service essentials

  • Why the concept of internal client service is important
  • Characteristics of poor, good and great client service
  • Ideal internal client service versus realistic client service
  • Resource prioritization
  • Deadlines, ongoing communication and follow up
  • Being proactive versus reactive
  • Difference between client service and relationship management
  • Develop processes that facilitate efficient service
  • Measurement: If you can’t measure it, then you can’t monitor it or improve it
  • Ways of showing service ownership
  • Measure internal client satisfaction

Manager’s role in service success

  • Leadership attributes and processes needed to create a service-oriented environment

Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Passive, aggressive and assertive
  • Visual, auditory and kinesthetic communications
  • Build rapport on the phone
  • Listening framework
  • Listening styles

Key Takeaways 

  • Insights into internal client service concepts, politics and best practices
  • Leadership attributes and processes needed to create a service-oriented environment
  • Specific actionable techniques to enhance your user satisfaction