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Interviewing and Hiring the Best Talent

4-hour webinar


Hiring and retaining the best talent in today’s economy has many challenges: shortage of technical talent, candidates from diverse cultures, different generational values, well-prepared savvy candidates, those who may generalize or exaggerate experiences and non-human resources personnel not knowing the legal boundaries to which their company must adhere. In many companies, the interviewing process is random and unstructured.  This course provides a best-practice interviewing structure and skills required to best assess candidates while staying within legal boundaries.

Key Topics

  • Build interview plans around specific job titles
  • Adhere to United States Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines
  • Sell the benefits of working for your company     
  • Avoid common interviewing mistakes
  • Apply five categories of behavioral questions    
  • Create a candidate-friendly environment
  • Follow a proven interviewing structure
  • Coordinate the interview team to minimize redundancies   
  • Handle challenging interviewing situations
  • Conclude in a fair and legally defensible manner



This course gave me a structure to use from the very beginning of the process (preparing for an interview) all the way through to the end. This is a structure I can refer to and use over and over. I also really appreciated the group work and the opportunity to practice the pieces together. I went from not knowing where to start to knowing that I have a full outline and structure I can follow. I feel prepared and capable to interview now.– Invitae, Software Engineer

The group work was more valuable than one might expect. Having to role-play and actually discuss in detail the exercises given made me realize there was more for me to consider or lookout for when interviewing. Sometimes what we think we know in our head versus acting it out and talking through it creates more opportunity for growth/improvement.”– Bio-Rad Laboratories, Sr. Scientist