Webinar Course Description

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Leading and Communicating in Times of Change

2 hours

Intended Audience

Organizational leaders who are currently implementing changes that require delivering change messages to their employees


Significant technological, political, economic, and competitive shifts often lead to strategic and operational decisions that affect people. All organizational changes are personal, and leaders must be able to communicate change messages openly, directly, and completely. Participants in this Webinar learn about the human transition cycle that accompanies organizational change. Participants learn a process for delivering challenging messages about current organizational changes such as mergers, reorganizations, new business processes, and global sourcing decisions. Participants also learn to identify possible reactions by the recipients of change messages and to respond in ways that encourage the recipients to keep moving forward with change.


  • Learn a process for communicating news about change in an open, direct, and complete manner
  • Learn way to help others move forward with change by understanding the emotional transition cycle
  • Recognize the impact of cultural differences on communication about organizational changes

Key Topics

  • Two worlds of organizational change
  • What do people want when faced with change?
  • Communicating about change: The opening statement
  • Change versus transition
  • Leading others through change: The transition curve
  • Review quiz
  • Suggested next steps