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Making Meetings Matter

Two – 90 minute sessions on consecutive days

Audience: Anyone who facilitates informal or formal meetings

This instructor-led virtual webinar, trains facilitators in a process that targets meetings toward specific outcomes and ensures meeting attendees contribute in a constructive, concrete way. The virtual course takes a 3-phase approach that includes survey, lecture, discussion and short exercises.


  • Pre-course Survey: Participants complete a survey on meeting scenarios and challenges. The instructor then consolidates the data and targets the course to areas that best meet the needs of the participants.
  • Webinar delivery: Participants attend an interactive, fun course and receive tools to apply the tips and techniques from the session.
  • Follow-up coaching: Participants can email the instructor with questions related to planning a future meeting or to receive individual coaching (via phone meeting) on any specific challenges they face in meetings. (This is limited to 20 minutes per person.)


  • Implement a powerful process and easy-to-use tools to prepare for, conduct and wrap up meetings
  • Facilitate dynamic discussions in meetings
  • Understand what the options are for group decision-making and when to strive for consensus

Key Topics

Preparing Meetings

  • Craft the purpose and desired outcomes
  • Use the Content and Process Model to plan meetings
  • Make your agenda a contract for preparation and discussions

Conducting Meetings

  • Understand the role of the facilitator
  • Create dynamic discussions
  • Achieve consensus in meetings
  • Troubleshoot common meeting challenges

Closing Meetings and Follow-up

  • Achieve closure on topics
  • Capture the details of meetings
  • Create a follow-up communication and action plan