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Managing High-Performing Teams

2 hours


There are teams, and then there are high-performing teams. And if you asked most people, they would probably say that they want to be part of high-performing teams! But what makes the difference? What qualities and attributes create a high-performance team and contribute to peak performance? In this webinar participants get real life, at-work tips and techniques for team creation, formulation, and management.

The webinar begins by looking at what happens when teams don’t work:

  • time is wasted
  • morale suffers
  • productivity decreases
  • business results are compromised

Participants will leave the webinar truly understanding the benefits of creating a high-performing team. They will realize the impact on individuals and organizations when teams do work, and they will have the tools to have their teams work at the highest levels.

Key Topics

  • Examining existing perspectives on teamwork
  • Identifying the critically-important components of teamwork, including team purpose and charter
  • Building trust
  • Working styles and teamwork
  • Challenges to consider and address when managing “remote” employees/teams
  • Ongoing team management to generate consistency and ever-increasing team performance