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Preparing Content for Powerful Presentations

3 hours over two consecutive days

This is a webinar for individual contributors and managers who want to improve their ability to get messages across to management in project review and project proposal presentations. By examining the differing perspectives of business-focused and technology-focused people, you’ll learn to focus your presentation on the results you want to achieve and condense it for effective communication to sponsors, executives and customers – those with the power to advance your project and your career.


Key Topics
Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Follow a process to prepare concise and effective presentations
  • Explore the differing perspectives of business managers and technology-focused audiences
  • Translate technical terminology into business benefits
  • Identify the desired outcome of the presentation in terms of audience response
  • Develop an effective strategy and presentation format to achieve goals
  • Condense content into a memorable message, appropriate to the level and interests of the audience
  • Focus on high-value information – recommendations, evaluations, breakthroughs and surprises – rather than simply doing a “data dump”
  • Develop an interest-building opening and a decisive closing
  • Organize and prepare presentation materials for lean and effective slides



A very effective course. The alloted time was perfect and each lesson was clear and concise. It’s beneficial to anyone who needs to create powerful presentations to achieve their goals.– Hortonworks, HRBP Program Management Specialist

I highly recommend this course as it helps you dig deeper to find the clarity and purpose of each presentation. The details on the construction, gaining attention and showcasing relevant info is extremely helpful in building a logical flow.– Synopsys, Inc., Marketing Specialist