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Preparing Powerful Presentations – Self-Paced


Preparing Powerful Presentations – Self-Paced

Course Length: 180 minutes

Self-Paced Online Course

This is a program for technical professionals – both individual contributors and managers – who want to improve their ability to get messages across to management in project review and project proposal presentations. By examining the differing perspectives of business-focused and technology-focused people, you’ll learn to focus your presentation on the results you want to achieve and condense it for effective communication to sponsors, executives, customers – people with the power to advance your project and your career.

Features and Benefits

  • On-demand availability works at the convenience of the learner, reduces learning times and eliminates travel costs
  • Self-paced format reduces learner stress and increases satisfaction
  • Multimedia & interactivity includes video, audio narration, learning games, job aids and templates that engage the learner through the training
  • Final Quiz gives the user the opportunity to demonstrate comprehension and ensures completion.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Follow a nine-step process to prepare concise and effective presentations.
  • Explore the differing perspective of business managers and technology people
  • Translate technical terminology into business benefits.
  • Identify the desired outcome of the presentation in terms of audience response and develop an effective strategy for meeting audience needs while obtaining their goal.
  • Condense their content into a memorable message, appropriate to the level and interests of the audience.
  • Focus on high value information – recommendations, evaluations, breakthroughs, surprises – rather than simply doing a “data dump.”
  • Develop an interest-building opening and decisive close.
  • Organize and prepare presentation materials for lean and effective overhead slides and screen shows.
  • Learn methods to introduce complex information in forms the audience can grasp.
  • Increase theirPowerPoint productivity.
  • Field questions confidently and learn techniques to deal with hostile questions and presentation “hijackings.”

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A 3-hour on-line alternative to the instructor-led course that participants complete at their own pace. The program concludes with a quiz to demonstrate comprehension and completion


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