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Professionalism in the Workplace

2 hours

The landscape of today’s market looks distinctly different than the past and it is continuing to change at a staggering pace. Yet, central to having businesses thrive, is the enduring value of professionalism. In this webinar, participants look at the traditional concepts of professionalism and bring a new dimension to the topic – one that will have them creating a personal definition of professionalism that is unique to them and to their work place. In this compact and impactful webinar, participants look at the prism of professionalism: defining characteristics and unwritten rules, managing the professional image, identifying core values and developing a plan for managing their image over time.

Key Topics

  • Define professionalism – what it is and isn’t. How to spot unprofessional behavior and course-correct immediately
  • Learn how to not be blindsided by common, yet unwritten, rules
  • Understand the components of a unique professional expression and how to create a personal and professional image
  • Design a MAP (Management Action Plan) for how to tend to and develop an impressive, professional image over time