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Skillful Communication

2 hours


Demanding deadlines, changing priorities, unrealistic expectations, difficult behaviors, “unfair” treatment . . . today’s work environment can be challenging on many levels. Powerful and effective communication is essential to producing the best possible results in high-pressure environments. In this thought-provoking webinar, participants will see that communication can either destroy relationships or create strong, long-lasting partnerships in which everyone thrives.

Components of skillful communication include responding well to criticism and providing constructive feedback. Participants will see that constructive feedback supports an environment of continuous learning and professional development, while destructive feedback undermines the individual and – ultimately – the organization. Participants learn how to deal with resistance to feedback, including defensive behavior and over-reactions.

Creating rich and meaningful communication in difficult situations can increase employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity; in this unit we will cover specific steps to take to have your team and business unit thrive.


Key Topics

  • Examining existing perspectives on teamwork
  • Managing differences, conflicts, and controversies
  • Different working styles – their attributes, assets, and pitfalls
  • Responding to criticism
  • Providing useful feedback
  • Managing resistance to feedback