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Strategic Thinking

4 hours


Strategic Thinking is the mental process, applied by an individual or a team, which considers ways to enhance the value they bring to the organizations or internal/external customers they serve. The class outlines strategic thinking from a number of different conceptual perspectives, but always with an eye toward how it can be used to enhance the mission and value of the organization and the careers of the professionals within it.

Key Topics

  • Initial thoughts and vocabulary
    • Look and Learn
    • This Knowledge Will…
    • Widened Thinking in Motion
    • Types of Innovation
    • The Sustaining Innovation Flow
    • The Disruptive Innovation Flow
    • Innovative Vision
    • Business Uses of Innovation
    • Strategic Thinking Definition
    • When Are You Most Creative?
    • The Inspiration Paradox
    • Lateral Thinking vs. Programmed Thinking
    • Problem Definition
    • Desired End State

  • Organizational thinking
    • Planning and Positioning
    • Organizational Learning
    • Constructive Transformation
  • Critical success factors
    • Strategic Thinking Requires Time to Think
    • Willingness to Move Out of Your Comfort Zone
    • Focusing on Results vs. Methods and Means
    • Using Forward Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking Process
    1. Engagement
    2. Cultivation
    3. Inspiration
    4. Validation
    5. Approval
    6. Implementation

Key Takeaways

  • Conceptual understanding of the strategic thinking process
  • Critical success factors of the strategic thinking process
  • Insights into various, formal strategic thinking methodologies
  • Reviews

    I appreciated that it wasn’t just about how we could apply strategic thinking to our jobs, but to ourselves. Better employees = Better business outcomes. – Align Technology, Inc., Director, Global Talent Management

    It was a beneficial session to help think more broadly and strategically about your own role, your organization and customers. The information provided on how to change my routine mindset and viewpoint was insightful.– Synaptics, Inc., Senior Program Manager