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Strengthen Your Personal Presence

90 minutes


Physical behaviors are some of the most overlooked components of communication effectiveness. What
you do gesturally, facially, vocally, rhythmically always has an effect on your listeners at some level.
Therefore, your unique combination of physical behaviors will either support your credibility or detract
from it. This is why the most skilled communicators develop command of these principles.




  • Strengthen personal presence
  • Replace distracting idiosyncrasies with effective behaviors
  • Make best use of the energy in your body to enhance brain power
  • Project a compelling mix of confidence, composure and expressiveness within your own natural style
  • Be more expressively persuasive when needed
  • Diminish nervous responses at their root – within the body
  • Be more impactful in face-to-face, phone and web situations


Key Topics

  • Investigate the 8 physical channels of expression, along with best practices for each.
  • Learn how to identify and displace negative communication habits with more universally supportive ones
  • Apply these tools and principles to the most common and relevant communication scenarios in business and personal life


Group size is limited to 20 to maximize feedback and select coaching possibilities.