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Stress Management

2 hours


Today’s work environment can be described as trying to put together a puzzle while others are continually moving and changing the puzzle pieces.  And while the pieces – the variables and the circumstances – may rapidly change, the deadlines and pressures remain constant.  In challenging times, individuals and teams can be overtaken by frustration, stress, resignation and burnout.

This course explores the causes of stress and how to manage the variables that are constant and within our control: our mindset, our time management and relationships with others.  Participants are left inspired, empowered and in action to create a workplace reality that fosters teamwork and productivity.

Key Topics

Anatomy of Stress

  • The impact of stress on the individual and productivity
  • Identifying and overcoming the source of all stress
  • Learn stress management techniques that help you stay present and professional in the midst of any breakdown or turmoil

Managing your Mindset

  • Practicing personal accountability – your role in producing your own stress
  • Building your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Developing skills in responding rather than reacting to difficult situations
  • Creating and maintaining a powerful presence in the face of multiple challenges

Managing your Relationship to Time

  • 7 Traits of good time managers
  • Managing time abusers: procrastination, perfectionism, and overwhelm

Managing your Relationships with Others

  • Listening to others in a way that opens possibilities, builds trust and creates connections
  • Building support structures that empower team work
  • True power: creating the reality you want to experience!