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The Art of Persuasion and Building Rapport

2 hours

The study of persuasion dates back to Aristotle; yet the subject is relevant, fresh and applicable to many of the situations participants face in the workplace today. Given that we are bombarded daily with advertisements and requests, what will make your persuasion most effective? Some people are naturally more persuasive and others struggle. In this innovative approach to the art of persuasion and rapport building, participants will learn to capitalize on their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

Key Topics

  • Persuasion versus manipulation: how to know the difference and how to make the impact called for in any situation
  • Use the three elements of Aristotle’s model of persuasion (ethos, logos and pathos) to win your case every time
  • Learn the new model of persuasion to reach mutual goals
  • ACE every deal with the three components of rapport building: Attitude, Charisma and Empathy
  • Discover the power of the 7/11 rule in building rapport
  • Use a listening self-assessment to enhance areas of strengths and target areas for improvement