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Thriving on Change

2 hours

Intended Audience

People who are experiencing business uncertainty as well as organizational changes over which they
have little or no control.


This webinar focuses on actions that people can take to prepare themselves to thrive in a business
environment where uncertainty and change are the only constants. Change is inevitable, but that does
not mean that people must get stuck in the personal transitions associated with external changes. While
responses to change vary across individuals, emotional reactions, even to positive changes, are a natural
human response. These reactions only become problematic if people get “stuck,” unable to move
forward or become fully productive in the new situation.

Participants in this webinar examine their reactions to organizational change and identify ways to
personally thrive on change. Participants learn about the emotional cycle of change, what most people
want during major organizational changes, and how to help themselves and others accelerate the
personal transitions associated with external organizational changes.


  • Examine your reactions to changes over which you have little or no control
  • Identify ways to respond to uncertainty
  • Understand the transition process and its effect on productivity
  • Learn tips for accelerating personal transition and for reducing the major obstacles to transition
  • Identify ways to help others move forward with change

Key Topics

  • What should you do when you are uncertain what will happen?
  • How do people typically respond to change?
  • What are some tips for accelerating personal transition?
  • What are some tips for reducing the obstacles to personal transition?
  • What should you do to help others thrive on change?